Dear Church Family,
In the year of 2012, the By-Laws committee sought out to draft a new set of by-laws for the church body. This endeavor was considered and entitled, “A Fresh Start.” Shortly after this venture began, many obstacles have been encountered that led to the delay of its completion. It is with a joyful heart, we now can announce, a new by-laws document is complete and ready for the church to implement. 
First, there are a number of changes you will notice right away. Every section in the document has with it a corresponding scripture. We collectively desire for our document to be as close to the scriptures as it can be. There has been a trend, in many churches, to draft a set of by-laws and yet forget the appropriate verses. We do not want to be part of this harmful trend. 
Secondly, we thank for the patience you have shown during the writing process. We believe these documents are Christ honoring.  We thank you for your support and prayers
In order to download the above documents, simply call the office and receive the password. .
In Christ,
By-Laws Committee 

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